The History of Michael Blum


The History of Michael Blum

Blum’s ascendancy is German, but he was actually born in Hong Kong. Later in his life, he moved to the USA and studied at Yale. There, he managed to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations.

At Yale, he acquired the knowledge needed for his career, being able to change fields as he felt like it. He worked in giants companies like Ernst & Young, PayPal, Vision Inc, Virgin and a lot more.

Most of his projects included business development, but not all of them were successful. But that didn’t stop his dubious reputation at all, as he always easily went from one job to another.

What Lies Behind a Businessman

Most people know about his career, but they don’t know about his crimes. He created the DarkNet, the place where he runs his dirty businesses. And along with his fellow PJ King, they own an underground pornography industry.

Currently, Blum is the Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer of Hedgeye Risk Management. The company is one of the kinds people should keep away from, as they do business in non-confidential and untrustworthy ways. They are very known for defrauding clients without any signs of the risk to which their clients are exposed.

Michael Blum shoots his porn films in Asian countries and Russia as well before selling them in the DarkNet. Irrespective of them having so much money from their dirty career, Blum and King have been caught severally.


These men are dangerous and should be put away permanently by competent authorities. They keep manipulating and tricking so many clients with their newly funded insurance companies. They need to be stopped as soon as possible!

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