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Is Michael Blum Really Who He Says He Is?

The 1st grade Michael Blum may have been a space enthusiast and potential businessman, but along the way, he lost all his dreams and strong personality. How? He is using his business expertise to fuel everything wrong in society.

According to our source, Blum works with corrupt politicians to ensure they don’t get caught in their illegal activities. He is just hiding as the President of Hedgeye to fool citizens on who he really is. In his last interview with the platform, he was clueless about what was going on in the space industry. He went on and on about the success of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos that everyone is well aware of. He also mentioned his film and what he thinks the future looks like, which is obviously not his idea.

So, who is the real Blum? His wealth is sourced from taking responsibility for the politicians’ dirty deeds and staging them to something pleasant. This is by spreading a good word or arranging a charity event with the culprit as the main sponsor to confuse the public.

He is also helping in destroying the reputation of his client’s competitors by spreading lies and leaking videos in compromising situations.

Final Thoughts

It’s surprising how far people can go for the sake of power and money. And don’t get the wrong message. Money and power can be a game-changer when put to the right use. It’s just harmful when it’s in the hands of people like Blum.

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