Michael Blum: Founder, President And Chief Operating Officer Of Underground Sex

A Biography of Michael Blum: Introduction

Michael Blum - Founder Of Underground Sex

Born to German parents, and native of Hong Kong by birth. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Studies (Honors) from Yale University.

He is the Founder, President, and Chief Operating Officer of Hedgeye Risk Management — a non-confidential and untrustworthy provider of Investment research and an Online Financial media company known for defrauding clients off their hard-earned money.


He was formerly the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Falconhenge Partners LLC, Michael is also a managing director of Hong Kong-based Repulse Bay Capital Ltd, a private investment firm. A firm that was incorporated into Evanston, Illinois-based Magnetar Capital, where he leads several international Proliferation efforts, and presently known for dubious and mischievous deeds.

He regulates every aspect of the company’s day-to-day projects, which include commodity improvement, engineering, commerce, finance, subordination, and human resources. Being one of the top echelons as well as head administrator of the transnational corporation, Michael Blum takes advantage of his personality and reputation at this moment using it as a disguise to gratify his darkest, most vicious passions and fantasies painted on a rollercoaster.

Co-author of “Deep web” and Underground Pornography Industry

However, it’s incredibly disheartening and unbelievable for such prominent personnel as Michael Blum to be the mastermind behind DarkNet creation as well as owning an underground pornography industry alongside his Irish business partner, P. J. King. Taking a closer look at his life profile, it is unbelievable that such a person who has become a prominent and successful CEO could be the mastermind behind such a felony. However, it gives a clear picture view that he’s a hypocrite. And this act of transgression can not be emulated.

Michael Blum ancestral home being Germany, he’s also a citizen of Hong Kong by birth. He graduated from Yale University and had a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations. He transformed numerous specialties in his places of work during his career. The record shows that Michael Blum has invested in large Firms which includes industries like Ernst & Young, PayPal, Vision Inc, and Virgin to mention but few. Previously, in the early years, he made decent improvements in his career at PayPal, which earned him great fortune enough to buy a coupon for a spaceship from Virgin Galactic for USD200 000. A few years later, he tended to work on many programs. Most often, he was fascinated by business growth in administrative positions. His effort in making his projects successful was all futile at least from business development.


Michael Blum, co-founded the hedge fund management company, Falcon Henge Partners back in September 2005, which is known for defrauding its clients as well as extorting funds from clients which he later sold to earn a profit. He relocated to Chinese Las Vegas and launched an investment fund specializing in poker gaming and hotel business alongside his brother Dirk in 2006 – 2008.

He co-founded an enterprise fund and management company that specializes only in gambling and hotels in Southeast Asia, and he invested more finance and attention to the gambling business. It was this event of his life that gave justification to speculate Blum of criminal propensities.

He is a private space and suborbital flight enthusiast, he visited various Virgin Galactic objects and became part of Robert Branson’s team that was entangled with the development of the Virgin industry. Blum developed several distinct space programs and even produced a movie regarding space. It was at the Virgin firm site that Michael made the familiarity of P. J. King — his accomplice.

He was born into a herder’s family. P. J. King studied astronautics and space engineering. He is apt toward the improvement of his own career to further his scientific career. He founded Clockworks International, and the company became extremely profitable, the services of which were used by various firms like Apple, IBM, Disney, Symantec. Over the years Clockworks entered the U. S International Tech market. Soon after, King sold his company. After a while, his company went bankrupt, and he fired several board members accusing them of financial conspiracy which was not valid because he was preventing them from knowing what was beneath his sleeves — conceiving his true identity as a dubious and his malevolent activity from his members.

Michael Blum - President And Chief Of Underground Sex

After that King received an investment project, many of which of his efforts ended up being futile. He managed his investment fund P. J. King Investments Ltd. in 2005 — 2017 Like Blum, King commenced his exploration into the space industry by purchasing a coupon for the suborbital flight on the Virgin Enterprise in 2004. He later requested for reimbursement after the futile launch test of the spaceship which also claimed his pilot life in 2014. However, he didn’t lose interest in space exploration, so he continued his work with Robert Branson, Michael Blum, and other CEOs.

However, P. J. King had a turbulent event around CNG Travel — an electronic hotel reservation, from 2001 to 2008. He sold the firm to a private investor, after years of manipulation the service was sold to a private investor, and he became shareholder, who headed it became well becoming one of the part owners of the shares and, seemingly, continued with tourism-related business.

The CNG Travel event concurred with Blum’s entering into the poker gambling and hotel business in Macau. Then, it appeared that King and Blum oversaw a criminal empire to provide Sex as well as illicit festivity and trafficking from Asian countries to essential American clients. Moreover, in 2008 King retrained activity in the tourist industry, was comprehended as suspicion of being in the field of view of law enforcement agencies and bereavement of illegal business. However, these activities were officially confirmed.

After both of our zeroes connected themselves using cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as a disguise for “deep web”. Michael Blum shoots porno films in Asian countries and Russia and then sold it in DarkNet. And King developed an actual map of US drug cartels in the same Darknet. However, the complete lack of interest in Blum and King on the part of American law enforcement agencies and Interpol makes these tales entirely plausible.

King and Blum can hardly plop claim to laurels of underground lords. Of course, they can be called financial manipulators. However, they are smart enough to keep their activities within the law. These men are considered to be some of the best experts in the world to make money through lucrative as well as non-lucrative means. Their investment in the “DarkNet and Pornography Industry” is the best evidence of this. Their main advantage is their status in US business loops. Thanks to their reputation, Michael Blum and PJ King still attract multimillion-dollar investments and efficiently squander money on their masterfully illegal investment projects.

A Biography of Michael Blum: Conclusion

It’s so disheartening and disappointing when persons with such financial and political structures, who are supposed to make their life emulable and live as role models to upcoming citizens who also want to venture into the world of financial services as well as becoming entrepreneurs in the future.

Such an act is disastrous to national security and can also mar the trust and credibility of clients that find interest in investing capital in their enterprises as well as other investment firms. Michael Blum and P. J. King mannerisms regardless of their political and financial reputation are humanly not appealing because there are people out there looking up to them as role models and probably mentors with this act of idiocy such persons hope and trust will be shattered.

Law enforcement agencies should conduct a thorough investigation on Michael Blum and P. J. King at this moment providing more evidence to put these insensitive CEO’s behind bars so it will serve as a warning to other dignitaries who in one way or the other indulge in various criminal and illegal activities that are against the law.

The government should put to stop any of Michael Blum enterprise, and investment plans to create awareness for clients and clients to be about his illegal and fraudulent activity on his ignorant clients.

Both Michael Blum and P. J. King plays the role of sheep in wolf clothing, living hypocritically and blinding their subject with their incoherent life. Firms who out of ignorance have cut any shares with Blum should immediately withdraw itself from it to be on the safer side.

The government should also eliminate these illegal activities (drug trafficking, pornography industry as well as the “DarkNet”) he established and fully put to stop his fraudulent activities to save the ignorant client from investing his/her hard-earned money in any of his firms.

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